Monday, November 4, 2013

Whiter Teeth May Bring More Employment Opportunities

If you are looking for a job in your area, you may be surprised to learn that having a brilliant smile can greatly factor into an employer’s decision to hire you. The condition of your teeth can tell a prospective employer a lot about you, and you may be surprised to learn what stained teeth can give away.
Tall-Tale Sign of Smoking
Any dentist will tell you that smoking is terrible for your teeth. The nicotine and tar will dull the enamel, and the smoke can dry out your gums. This dryness can also lead to tooth decay. If a potential employer sees that you smoke, you may be passed over in favor of a non-smoking applicant. The cost of healthcare for smokers is higher, making many employers leery of hiring them. Whitening your teeth can erase the signs of smoking, which can give you an advantage with employers who may be put off by your tobacco use.
Coffee Addiction
While considered less-dangerous than a cigarette habit, some employers may be disgusted by teeth stained by coffee. This is especially true among companies that maintain an image of natural living and healthy diets, such as supplement companies or businesses that deal in organics. Health spas and retreats that tout relaxation and herbal remedies may also not be forgiving about a coffee addiction. Don’t let your java habit keep you from landing the job of your dreams! Have your teeth whitened and avoid judgement about your choice of beverages.
Concerns About Hygiene
Some workplaces have had to deal with employees who were not fastidious about hygiene in the past. This can lead hiring managers to note the condition of your teeth, fingernails and hair cut to assess how well you maintain your body. While many people have stained teeth despite good habits, you may find yourself losing job career opportunities based on the assumption that your hygiene isn’t meticulous.
Lack of Confidence
Even if a hiring manager isn’t looking at your teeth consciously, he or she may assume you aren’t confident if your teeth are dull or stained. A brilliant white smile exudes good health and confidence, which can make an unconscious impression on everyone you meet. When you are trying to land a job, these qualities are important.
Prospective employers notice every detail about potential employees. At ties, these judgments can form negative impressions that can outshine your stellar qualifications. If you are concerned that stained, dull teeth may be holding you back from getting a dream job, talk to your dentist. He or she may have a solution that will give you a confident, dazzling smile to wear for your interviews.

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